The first dice games evolved over 10,000 years ago. They were characterized by simple principles of scoring and determining the winner. Their popularity grew quickly around the world. Dice game casino rules differ from discipline to discipline, but their essence is the same. Opponents make rolls, score points, combinations and compare results. Whoever ends up with the higher score takes the pot.

What kinds of games there are

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Today you can find disciplines using casino dice online game. This is more than a dozen entertainment with unique rules. They can be divided into several categories:

Home games. Played more often with friends without a dealer.

Professional. Offered at gambling sites and held with the participation of the casino.

Many games are sold in a boxed set format. Some cannot be purchased because special equipment is required to play the games.

Dice Varieties and Inventory

A dice is a polyhedron with six or more sides. In the classic version, they are numbered with numbers from 1 to 6. Once thrown on a flat surface, the product takes a stable position and shows one of the numbers. The chances of falling out of different results are equal due to the correct shape of the faces.

There are also other variants of dice game at casino. In poker, they are marked with symbols of cards, and in other games special designations are used.

Poker Playing Set

Dice should have a regular shape with sharp edges without rounded edges. This is the only way to ensure that there is an equal chance of different results falling out.

Additionally, the game may require a variety of devices. For example, a glass for throwing, a table with a marked field, a table of counting, chips. In desktop sets all the necessary things are in the kit.

Popular strategy games

Mathematical systems are not applicable to this entertainment – the results depend on many factors: luck, strength of the throw, its trajectory, the shape of the online dice game casino.


Rounded edges interfere with the probability of falling out numbers

To minimize the risk, you can follow the following recommendations:

  • Choose safe bets. When predicting a loss, the casino will have a minimum advantage.
  • Additional payouts. In Craps, it is possible to receive increased prizes. To do this, you need to bet in the second round.
  • Bankroll management. It is better to divide your initial budget equally between 25 forecasts. Or by a larger number.
  • Multipliers. If you play dice with non-standard rules, the payouts for successful bets are higher than in the classic version.
  • Do not forget about the breaks. They must be made every half hour. It is also important to set a limit on the amount of money lost, after overcoming which the session will be completed.

Dice rules in casinos

The main task in the different disciplines becomes a set of points. Party members take turns rolling the dice and earning points for numerical values or combinations.

High Dice. The player acting as the banker rolls two dice. His opponent must roll more points in one attempt. The money goes to the owner of the higher score.

Game of 13. There is no limit on the number of participants. Opponents take turns making rolls 5 times in a row and score points. Dropped values should be used to make a score multiple of 13:

Plus Adding the results of the current move to the total number of points

Minus Subtracting numbers from the dice from the score

Dividing, multiplying Adding half, one-third or one-quarter points, increasing them by a factor of 2, 3 or 4. When a player accumulates 10 matches, he is declared the winner.

Thousand. Party participants roll 5 dice each. Units give 10 points, fives give 5 points. Three or more dice of equal value yield points at face value, multiplied by 10. Victory goes to the first one to score 1,000. There is no limit to the number of participants.

Goblin Dice. The game is played on a field with a marked track. Cells are allocated numbers. On a roll of the appropriate amount of numbers on the dice man makes a move. The main task is to be the first to reach the finish line.

Liar. The player rolls the dice in a closed glass, looks at the result and calls his opponents any combination. They must understand whether he is lying or not. If the player makes a mistake, he loses part of the pot.

Navy. Here you need to throw in a certain order the values of 6, 5, and 4. Each participant has three attempts at this.

Four Dice. The party is played in pairs. A person rolls four dice. If one of the edges reveals a six, he wins. If not, his opponent wins.

Chicago. Takes place in 11 stages. At each stage, participants take turns throwing two dice. First you need to get 2 points, then – 3 and so on in ascending order. If successful, the corresponding number of points is added to the score.

Dice bank. Participants make bets on the value of the faces. The dealer rolls three dice. For coincidence with the prediction, payouts are reckoned. If the desired result is on two or three faces, the prize money increases.

Bluff. The rules are similar to a bluffer, but if the contestant believes the bluffer, he makes his own move and scores more points.

2 Dice. The dice must show a certain value on the faces as a result of the roll. If unsuccessful, the opponent wins.

Help your neighbor. Participants are given numbers to roll on the faces. For each match, 1 point is awarded. It is also possible to earn points on someone else’s turn. Victory goes to whoever gets to 10 first.

Twenty-one. The player’s task is to defeat the dealer. To do this, you need to score more points than he did, but within 21.

Rolling the Dice. A person rolls a die and writes down the value rolled. The next participant flips the dice on one side and adds a number. The winner is the one whose turn the sum is 25.

Sea Dice. Participants roll five dice several times. Their task is to get the strongest combination. The number of moves is stipulated in advance. Results are summed up after 12 rounds.

Entertainment received a maritime name because of the name of the senior combination – yacht.

Buck Dice. The first dice determines the game number. Then the person makes a roll of three pieces. For any 3 matches give 5 points, for 3 numbers from the first dice – 15. The party continues until a certain score is reached.

Indian Dice. This entertainment is similar to poker. Players collect combinations: a pair, a three, a full house, a square, and a five. Each is evaluated by a different number of points. The winner is determined in each round or at the end of the game.

Martinetti or Ohio. Has something in common with Craps. Here you have to get specific results of throws. First one, then a deuce, and so on to 12.

Pig. The simplest discipline. Numbers that have fallen on the faces are added to the score. You must score 100 points to win.

Doubles and Fives. Opponents throw 5 dice in a glass. If the result is no 2 and 5, the values are summed up and entered into the table. If they are present, they are subtracted from the score.

Aces. There are five dice involved in the roll. Those stopping at one are removed, 2 and 5 are passed to their neighbors on the left and right. The party continues until the last person remains in it. He is the loser.

How much is the sum. Participants are assigned numbers that they must get by rolling two dice. Each time they match, they move one cell forward on the field. The first person to reach the finish line wins.

Tips for Beginners

Experienced players recommend that beginners avoid risky bets. Need to choose a forecast with a minimum casino advantage. Payout multipliers on them are small, but the risks are reduced.

If the dice game according to Craps rules seems difficult to a person, it is better to give up money betting at first. You need to practice and assimilate the course of the party, understand the odds and determine your preferred strategy.

Other disciplines are usually not available in casinos. They are played in the company of friends. So the only advice here is to choose your surroundings carefully.