Craps is without a doubt the most popular craps game in the world. You’ll find Craps tables in any offline casino and now in the online space as well. At first glance, this game of chance has many craps casino game rules that are not easy to remember. In fact, the main thing here is the right approach. We’ve compiled a complete dossier on this dice game, and offer you the chance to learn the rules in just a few minutes. You can see for yourself that it’s quite a simple and, most importantly, fascinating game that requires concentration and at the same time doesn’t get boring even for a moment.

Interesting Facts

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If you want to know more about craps game rules casino, here is a selection of interesting and also funny facts about this game. They concern mainly the special names for each combination that is rolled.

Each name has its own story. So as not to waste your time on the details, we won’t go into their history and meaning. If you are interested in the history of Craps, we recommend you to look for information yourself: we guarantee that it will be not only useful, but also fun.

Craps Rules

Online casino game craps is divided into two stages, Come Out Roll and Point Roll. Each round has its own terms and stakes.

Come Out Roll is the first stage during which a number, Point, is determined. If they roll 4,5,6,8,9,10, then the game goes to the second stage.  If the player rolls 2,3 or 12, he loses his right for one more roll, i.e. the transition to the second stage of the game. The right to roll the dice goes to the other player. This situation is called Craps.

If the player gets a 7 or 11 on the first stage, it is called Natural and means that the player wins and again gets a chance to roll the dice.

Roll Point is the second stage, where the player rolls the dice until the number Point, determined in the first round, or the number 7 comes up. If the Point is rolled, the player continues to roll the dice. If 7, he loses. The turn is passed to the other player.

Bets and Payouts

Before the start of the game, each participant makes bets. All bets can be divided into several types, as well as the whole process of the game, depending on what stage the player makes them.

Pass Line – a bet on the Come Out Roll stage. The bet wins at 7 or 11, loses at 2, 3 or 12. If the Point is rolled, the bet is saved and the game continues. It wins when the player rolls Point before 7.

Payouts are 1:1. The advantage of the casino is 1.41%.

Don’t Pass Line is a bet on the Come Out Roll stage, but with the opposite value. Bet wins at 2 or 3, returns at 12. Bet loses if it hits 7 or 11. If the Point is hit, the bet stays and the game continues. Bet wins if 7 is hit before Point.

Payouts are 1:1. The Casino Advantage is 1.36%.

Come – Bet at any point on the next number of Point. Bet wins at 7 or 11, loses at 2, 3 or 12. Any other number falls under the definition as for the Come Point, respectively, the bet is moved to this field. Now the bet wins if the number Come Out will fall before 7.

Payouts are 1:1. The advantage of the casino is 1.41%.

Don’t come – the bet is made after the number Point is determined. Bet wins at 2 and 3, loses at 7 and 11. If it comes out 12, the bet is returned to the player. Any other number becomes Don’t come Point, respectively, the bet is moved to that field. Bet wins if 7 comes before Don’t come Point.

Payouts are 1:1. The advantage of the casino is 1.36%.

Craps Strategy

You simply cannot figure out which number you or your opponent is going to roll. Simply impossible. Neither tables with statistics nor calculations can help. Many dice players use a strategy based, as a rule, on mathematical probability and the betting principle. There are quite a few such strategies. The most popular, and probably one of the earliest, was the Martingale strategy. According to it, the player must double the bet on the next game in case the current bet loses. If the bet wins, then the next round is better to make the bet that was the original.

This system is not specially created for Craps, but for any other game in which the player does not know what the next move will be. And he tries to calculate it.

Experienced players, however, recommend paying more attention to bets, namely their payouts. Just as in baccarat, for example, it is better to make certain bets that are more likely to bring a win or a large payout.

These are undoubtedly the most profitable bets for the player. But to make one of these bets, the player must take into account that the initial bets must be

Online and Mobile Craps

If you don’t have the opportunity to play at an offline casino, but craps is one of your main favorites, then it’s worth looking for quality content in the online space. If you want to try the game from mobile, then look for software from Microgaming, for example, because all games from this manufacturer are moving to a new level – the use of the HTML5 language, which is known to be responsible for the realistic graphics.

As for the best game in casino craps with an online casino dealer, the game is not one of those that is interesting to run it in this mode, because the dealer will have to do all the work for you. Accordingly, you will not get any pleasure from the game.

Best Craps Casinos

There are two things to consider when choosing a craps casino:

  • The reputation of the casino.
  • The company on whose software the casino runs.

Craps doesn’t have as many variations as any other card or table game. That’s why you’ll be able to find the same version of Craps in any casino. Accordingly, you should focus on the fairness of the casino and high quality content, especially the graphics.

We can make recommendations regarding those casinos that we consider worthy of your attention, but in this case, the opinion is purely subjective. Each player must rely on his own preferences and experience.